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Hydroflow Crossflow Turbine System, 60 kw to 240 kw-Model OSS-3000

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Model OSS-3000 Crossflow Turbine operates from 10 ft(3m) net head up to 45cfs (1300 l/s) and generates 60 kw up to 240 kw based on maximum head and flow. Site performance characteristics can be increased with an optional draft tube which can be designed based on the site configuration.

The OSS-3000 is designed for single and double drive sheave pulleys operations. Generally at the lower flow and head ranges only a single pulley is required where with the higher flow and head range of this turbine double (both ends of the shaft) is used.

The OSS-3000 is mounted on a fabricated steel frame that is mounted above the rated tail water level. A draft tube can be included so the full available head can be used efficiently. When the net head is low and the turbine is installed above the tailrace, the draft tube minimizes available pressure head loss thus increasing overall efficiency and turbine output. The optional draft tube will be recommended by Ricklyhydro based on site conditions.

Advantages of the Crossflow Turbine include low runaway speed, relatively few moving parts for ease of maintenance and operation, flow design that makes the unit self cleaning as water entering the inlet turbine blade then crossing through the center of the runner when leaving on the opposite side which increases efficiency as well as flushes out small debris and cleans the runner blades.

The Rickly Hydro Crossflow Turbine is based on improvements to the original Banki – Mitchell design which was done at Oregon State University by Muckmore and Merryfield and incorporated by Rickly Hydro for over 50 years of continuous improvements to the Crossflow Turbine Design.  Each Rickly Hydro water to wire system is looked at individually and designed for each customer’s specific needs and optimal operation.

The runner, guide vanes, shaft and mechanical parts are made of 300 series stainless steel and the turbine casing, inlet flow tube/pipe, structural frame and optional draft tube are made from A-36 structural grade steel and are both galvanized, zinc and industrial grade enamel painted.  The plated structural steel fabrication design we use for the turbine casing is much stronger and has a longer life than cast iron housings that could be used.

The bearing housings are machined from solid stock and are double sealed to ensure the turbine case remains water tight and the stainless steel bearings are sealed and permanently lubricated for long life.  This double seal also protects the bearing from any water inflow.

The transmission between turbine and generator can use a v-belt, cogged belt, gear box or direct drive depending on the required rpm of turbine/generator requirement.  This is also dependant on the 50/60 Hz, site voltage requirement and off grid on grid connected configurations.

The inlet flow tube/pipe can be either vertical or horizontal and is specifically designed for your site and also includes inlet valve and manual, hydraulic or electric control for proper inlet flow conditions and operation.