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Hydro Services

Feasibility Studies

  • Initial Site Potential Survey
  • Field Site Hydropower Survey
  • Hydro Flow Duration Study and site head analysis
  • Hydropower hardware specification and system sizing
  • Site Layout and preliminary design
  • Environmental and Hydro permitting
  • Electrical power on and off-grid determination
  • Project Cost estimate and projected payback
  • Hydro system optimization and performance modeling

System Design

  • Single Line Electrical Diagram

Installation & Training

Operation & Maintainance

  • Stockport Mill

Rehabilitation & Retrofit

  • Restoration of Original Thomas Edison Hydro Power Plant
  • Runner Repair

Replacement Parts

  • Runner Replacement
  • Spear Walk Tip and Seats
  • Castings
  • Machining
  • Fabrication

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