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Turgopower Systems

The Turgopower System is a complete packaged "Water to Wire" (W2W) Hydropower System and uses standard sized Turgo Runners and are sited from 1 to 30 KW.  The water is collected upstream from the turbine and piped down to the turbine housing and can be split from 1 to 4 nozzles depending on the size of the unit and are directed at the Turgo Runner which turns a brushless permanent magnet generator.  these high head, low flow systems need very little flow to run efficiently and produces significant power.  Nozzle sizes and number are sized to match the water supply.  the turbine generates DC electricity and an inverter is incorporated to convert this power to 120 VAC.  Voltage control and regulation is accomplished with the Rickly Hydro Exclusive H2OIQ intellegent microprocessor controller for optimizing power laod to varing turbine flow conditions.

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