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PRT Hydropower Systems

Rickly Hydro offers several different turbines designed to generate power from excess pressure in piping systems. These are often called in-pipe or conduit hydropower turbine systems that are designed for municipal, industrial and irrigation systems with water flowing through pipes at higher pressures than can be used where it is required and the pressure has to be reduced. This can be raw, treated, cooling and chilled water supply in these pipeline/conduit systems. Typically in most municipal water systems the water supply is gravity-fed from a raw water reservoir and flows downhill through pipelines to the Water Treatment Facility where the pressure needs to be reduced. This is usually accomplished through a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) that converts or dissipates the excess pressure into lost energy. The Pressure Reducing Turbine (PRT) is typically installed in parallel with the PRV so that flow can be diverted around the PRV and through the PRT hydropower turbine generator set to convert the pipeline energy into electricity.

Industrial and irrigation systems also routinely experience over-pressure as part of normal operations and also install PRV’s to maintain specific pressure set points to relieve excess pressure and allow the downstream pipeline to operate with a lower pressure range. In these systems PRT hydropower units can be used in both low and high head systems with pressure differentials from about 25 PSI to over 1000 PSI and flows from 100 GPM to over 60,000 GPM. The electricity generated from the PRT hydropower unit can be utilized to offset demand at the municipal WTF or industrial facility or is grid connected to sell excess power to the local utility.

Rickly Hydro’s PRT energy recovery systems are our complete “Pipe to Power” (P2P) PRT Hydropower Systems and are manufactured in four basic configurations to cover the most common pipeline/conduit designs in most plants as well as PRV stations and standard water system vaults. Typical installations consist of multiple P2P hydropower turbines with different capacities to allow for variations in flow and to maximize the power harnessed through daily and seasonal variations which are common in municipal, industrial and irrigation systems. Flows can vary widely and to generate the most energy efficiently and allow maximum flexibility in operations while maintaining complete operational reliability of the pipeline water flow to the necessary downstream processes that it is feeding, multiple PRT units installed in parallel with the existing PRV are often the most economical choice. The Rickly Hydro, P2P hydropower system usually includes SCADA or local operator keyboard panel control and is automated for various alarm conditions and protective devices including pipeline inlet control valves and surge release valves to protect from overpressure and water hammer in the event of turbine over speed emergency conditions and shutdown events and automated switching back to PRV operation with no disruption to plant system operations.

Even though these P2P Hydropower systems are designed and manufactured with four basic configurations that are able to combine standard components to reduce system costs but yet each customers site has totally unique characteristics and is custom designed to meet system requirements. Rickly Hydro offers complete design-build capabilities with licensed Professional Engineers with expertise for complete civil works, electrical, hydraulic and turbine design as well as complete system control integration with the existing plant operations design and control parameters for installation, start-up, commissioning and turn-key operation.

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