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System Design

Please provide as much information as you can and we will generate a basic system design and budget equipment cost estimate. Head and Flow are the most important aspects of designing a hydropower system, these would be necessary to start the process. Please provide as much information as you can as this helps us get a much more accurate assessment of your system requirements. Also, don't hesitate to call us at any point if you have any questions.
  • Head Measurement

    Head is the vertical difference in elevation between the water intake and turbine. Net head is less than gross head and takes into account friction losses in the penstock. We will calculate this from the data you provide.
  • Flow Measurement

    Flow is the quantity of water flowing in the river, measured in volume per unit of time. Design flow is the maximum flow your hydro system is designed for and is always less than the maximum flow of the river.
  • Electrical Generation System

    Many factors are taken into account to determine the type of generator, controls, and interfaces needed to transmit the generated power from the turbine. A few of the important questions are listed below.